Patriot Launches Viper VPR400 PCIe 4 SSDs With RGB Heatsink

Patriot has a follow-up to the Viper VPR100 from 2020.

Patriot is expanding its SSD offerings with the addition of the Viper VPR400, which it claims is the world's first PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 SSD with RGB flourishes. For those that keep up with the latest developments in the SSD space, this is the successor to the Viper VPR100 that we reviewed just over two years ago.

Before we dive into the glitz and glam of RGB, let's talk about performance. The Viper VPR400 uses an InnoGrit IG5220 SSD controller, which is geared towards the value segment. In this case, we're looking at 4K random read/write performance of 600K IOPs and 500K IOPs, respectively. In addition, sequential reads are listed at 4,600 MBps across the board. However, sequential writes are listed at 3,600 MBps for the entry-level 512GB SKU, while the 1TB version of the SSD boosts that figure to 4,400 MBps.

Those performance numbers won't win any speed records, considering that SSDs equipped with the more performance InnoGrit IG5221 'RainierQX' controller can handle sequential reads/writes of 7,000 MBps/6,000 MBps. However, Patriot hopes the Viper VPR400's performance/value will attract price-conscious gamers.