What does ‘Refurbished’ really mean?

Occasionally, technology misbehaves right out of the box or becomes defective over time. Other products work as expected, but need some sprucing up (such as a new screen, battery or casing). Refurbished products are repaired and restored to a like-new state, either by one of Intent’s in-house repair centers, the manufacturer or a third-party refurbishment company. They are verified to work properly and include all parts and accessories (original or comparable substitutes). All refurbished products sold by Intent, Inc. also include a warranty — ranging from 90 days to 1 year

Why should I purchase a refurbished product?

Buying refurbished products saves you money. Refurbished products are sold at a significant savings versus the cost of the same product brand new. They are a great way to save money on products you need.

What is the warranty length for Refurbished and New Product?

We have 90 days warranty on all factory or third party refurbished units and 1 year warranty on all new units from the invoice date.

What is the minimum wholesale order?

We suggest no less than five units, but we have no minimum established especially for first time buyers that want to try our product or request a sample.

What are your payment terms?

All wholesale orders require to be paid by bank wire transfer (domestic or international).

How do I contact Intent?

You can reach us via our contact page, by email or by phone.

Online Contact Page: contact us

Email: info@intentnotebooks.com

Phone Number: (+1) 609-371-0300